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03 Camusi de Pincho (sample)



CAMUSI DE PINCHO (Emilio Solla)     
“Camusi” is an anagram of “musica,” and “pincho” becomes “Chopin.” This type of word play, flipping syllables, is found in the tango slang of Buenos Aires. “This song is an inside joke,” said Solla. It’s not just the title that is in disguise. He also shrouds musical references to Chopin, such as lines taken from the Waltz in C sharp minor. But it’s noticeable enough so that you’ll ask, “Is he playing Chopin’s music?” Indeed, this waltz is a paean to Chopin, one of Solla’s musical heroes. Solla’s masterful piano flourishes are replete with emotional affect, which are only enhanced by the rich accompaniment of Juarena’s bandoneon and Danielson’s violin.