Avantango Records


07 La Novena (sample)

Emilio Solla


LA NOVENA (Emilio Solla)
“Piazzolla had some heartbreak in his music,” says Solla. “This tune is my attempt at capturing this spirit.” Solla wrote the song in the same vein as Piazzola’s Milonga del Angel. “When I was a teenager, I cried when I heard that song,” he admits. Solla wrote this composition as a tribute to Octavio Brunetti, a virtuosic tango pianist who lived in New York but died in 2014 at the age of thirty-nine. La Novena (the Ninth) is Solla’s stirring musical farewell, with its searing lines and lush chords. This track features the full mastery of Solla as composer and performer, delivering a piercing solo, but then creating space for others:  Jaurena’s bandoneon and Danielson’s violin eventually move into the foreground, dwelling thoughtfully, as they render their final salutes.