Avantango Records


08 El Marne (sample)

Emilio Solla


EL MARNE (Eduardo Arolas)
Named after the French river (and the location of fierce World War I battles), this song was written by Eduardo Arolas, one of Solla’s favorite composers. It’s a nod to the importance of France in the development of the tango, as the music flourished in Paris during the 1930s. Solla’s rendition is informed by an adaptation of Aníbal Troilo’s version (one of the most important bandleaders in Tango history). This track is a microcosm of the entire album, which fully inhabits the tango aesthetic, but it’s also virtuosic, modern, and danceable. By doubling the melody between piano and violin, or bandoneon and violin, Solla makes sure that it’s conspicuous. As with all of these tracks, the melody is rarely hidden: Solla’s rendition lingers in your mind, like a fond memory that keeps you company on a rainy day.